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Get to Know About Ink Jet and Laser Printer

Discussion in 'Butuh Bantuan?' started by Reese Williams, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Reese Williams

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    Sep 4, 2018
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    Planning on buying a printer but wondering which printing technology is right for you? Then read on.
    What's important here is what purpose you will use this printer for. Will you print frequently or occasionally? First you need to decide if you should get an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Let's look at the features of these two printing technologies.
    Inkjet Printers can be categorized as 3-color inkjet printers, 4-color inkjets and photo printing inkjet printers. The 4-color inkjet printers are the most popular ones in the printing industry.
    4-color Inkjet Printers usually hold two ink cartridges (one for black and one for color). Some hold two additional ink cartridges to separate the colors and have one ink cartridge for each color (black, cyan, magenta and yellow).
    One can also get support for HP Printers at HP Customer Service Number . Our Technical support team will resolve your issues.
    3-color Inkjet Printers are usually equivalent to the low-end 4 color inkjet printers with the exception of holding only one ink cartridge at a time. So you need to switch the ink cartridge to change between black and color. The 3-color inkjet printers are no longer popular as the 4-color inkjet printer prices are continually dropping.

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